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May 31, 2022

In May, we released our big new version of the WooCommerce Multilingual plugin and a new version of Toolset that brings PHP 8 compatibility. We also continued working on great projects with our partners.


WordPress 6.0 was released on May 24th so our WPML team made sure we are 100% compatible with it.

Thanks to the in-depth testing we do for all WordPress releases, our developers managed to catch an important issue. It was introduced in the WordPress 6.0 core and impacted the translation of taxonomy terms.

This prompted us to release WPML 4.5.7 and 4.5.8 hotfix releases to handle all of the cases subsequently reported by our clients.

Our next focus is enhancing the translation flow for the user and giving them better control over the automatic translation. With this, we will address some of the usability challenges and improve the user experience with automatic translation in general.

Toolset News

After some time, we’re back with a major release for all Toolset plugins. This time, Toolset 1.6.3 brings full compatibility with PHP 8.

This was a challenging project but very important to us because we take extra care about making the sites our clients build safer and faster.

If you have multilingual Toolset sites powered by WPML, this release also brings a significant performance boost.

Compatibility and Partnerships News


Big news! We have finally released WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency 5.0.0.

This release brings an improved multi-currency mode, better compatibility with popular WooCommerce add-on plugins, and many bug fixes and improvements. Lastly, it introduces a completely new, free standalone mode. You can now use WooCommerce Multilingual to add multicurrency features to your store without WPML.


In May, we focussed on finalizing our improvements to the Import/Export category in our plugin compatibility directory. We had clients asking for more compatible alternatives, so we listened, and we can now share some nice results!

In doing so, we can now recommend WP Import Export and WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro for their comprehensive features, whilst WP All Import and WP All Export remain in the table as previously recommended options. 

In addition, we now also recommend Product Import Export for WooCommerce Add-on, Import and Export Users and Customers, WP Sheet Editor, and WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export for their great “utility” features. We rounded up all of this information in a detailed post.

WPML also got some nice mentions this month. We engaged in a guest-post exchange with the Brainstorm Force team as they posted our piece about How to Quickly Build a Multilingual Website Using WordPress via their Ultimate Addons for Elementor blog. Their piece relating to the benefits of having a blog on your website will be posted on our blog next month.

Elementor themselves have also posted a great case study about how going multilingual with WPML has greatly improved business and visibility for one of our mutual clients who used Elementor to build their sites. This is a great testament to the compatibility between Elementor and WPML. 

Translation Partner News

We are happy to announce that this month we welcomed a new Translation Partner and we enabled a new translation service integration.

Our new Translation Partner is Diction, an international language service provider based in Eastern Switzerland, with an office in Vancouver, Canada. You can already find Diction inside the WPML plugin and it’s ready to translate your WordPress content.

We also enabled a new integration with LexiaPark, a translation service from Spain. If you want to know how to enable LexiaPark on your WPML-powered site, simply contact them. It will only require a simple configuration link on your site. 

Our partners are ready to translate your WordPress content. Don’t hesitate to try them out!

Thanks for reading…

And stay tuned for next month’s updates!

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