Benefiting from Sabbaticals: Discover, Grow, and Experience with OTGS

June 21, 2023

At OnTheGoSystems, we appreciate our dedicated remote team members and support a healthy work-life balance. That’s why we offer a unique benefit: a fully paid one-month sabbatical after seven years with us.

This month-long sabbatical allows our team members to take a break and pursue activities that inspire them. Whether it’s exploring breathtaking landscapes, pursuing personal interests, or taking some time for yourself, our sabbatical program provides the perfect avenue to rejuvenate.

Shekhar Bhandari, a WPML supporter at OTGS, recently took his well-deserved sabbatical. Join us as he shares the valuable insights gained from his enriching adventure.

Meet Shekhar

Hailing from the vibrant city of Kathmandu, Nepal, Shekhar brings his unique perspective and native fluency in Nepali to assist WPML users around the world.

Although he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies and started with a career in design, Shekhar made a transition to WordPress six years ago. He has not only contributed to the development of premium themes and plugins, but has also been instrumental in providing outstanding support to WPML users.

Shekhar’s Exciting Sabbatical

In April, Shekhar set out on an exhilarating adventure—a month-long motorbike trip around the picturesque landscapes of Nepal.

Eager to learn more about his captivating expedition, we had the opportunity to interview Shekhar, delving into his motivations, experiences, and the profound impact this sabbatical had on him.

Traveling on our bike for the month

How did you spend your sabbatical leave and what did you gain from the experience?

During my sabbatical, I took the opportunity to go on an adventure throughout our country. With our daughter safely staying at her grandparents’ house, my wife and I set off on a motorbike expedition to explore the western region of Nepal.

What valuable insights or experiences did you acquire during your time away?

The trip allowed me to see new places, meet different people, and get a feel for the various cultures within our country. I went on this journey hoping to see tigers in the wild during a three-day jungle safari. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to see any tigers. This experience taught me that when we venture into the jungle or natural habitat of animals, it is ultimately up to them to choose whether or not to show themselves to us!

Trying to find tigers in the wild
On one of the longest suspension bridges in Nepal

In what ways has your sabbatical influenced your personal and professional life?

I came back from the break feeling refreshed. Traveling together for such a long time without thinking about work was a good change. I even managed to stay away from my laptop for almost a whole month. This was the first time I did this in 14 years, and it was a lot of fun.

Did you notice any direct impact of the sabbatical on your work?

Yes, I definitely feel re-energized. My attitude and approach towards work are the same as before, but I think I have newfound patience.

Would you recommend sabbaticals to your colleagues or team members? If so, why?

Yes, I would! It’s always good to take a break from work after a while. It helps you relax, reboot, and come back with a fresh mind.

My wife and I on a single-tower bridge on the
Karnali River
Me posing on another single-tower bridge on the Karnali River

The Many Paths of Sabbaticals: Travel, Learn, and More

At OTGS, we believe in embracing the diverse paths of sabbaticals. Whether you dream of traversing new horizons like Shekhar or immersing yourself in enriching knowledge, we’ve got you covered.

At our core, we recognize that sabbaticals aren’t just mere breaks; they are extraordinary opportunities to embark on transformative journeys. With us, you’ll have the chance to explore uncharted territories, expand your knowledge through learning, and rediscover your passions.

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