Meet Mateus: A Passionate Remote Tech Wizard Balancing Work and Family Life in Brazil

July 28, 2023

In this month’s Star of the Month feature, we shine the spotlight on Mateus Getulio Vieira, an invaluable member of our WPML support team at OTGS. Armed with technical brilliance and a passion for impeccable customer service, Mateus lets us in on how he takes remote work to new heights.

Mateus, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m from Belo Horizonte in Brazil. It’s about 6 hours away from the beach, but I try to go to the shore every chance I get. 

We recently found out that my wife is pregnant with our second child, so we are excited about that. Our firstborn, Helena, is one and a half and she loves to sing. We also have four cats and a dog.

I started taking tennis lessons about two years ago and I fell in love with it. Now I play three times a week; it’s my favorite hobby. 

Playing tennis at the club

What were you doing before joining OTGS and why did you decide to join our company?

I was in a similar role and I was doing some freelance development work in my spare time.

I found out about OTGS through We Work Remotely and made the decision to join three years ago. What drew me in was the challenges and career opportunities OTGS offers and the great reputation the company has.

Can you describe your job and what is required to do it well?

I work as a supporter for WPML and Toolset. I mostly work on WPML, as I have more experience with it. 

To be a good supporter, you need to provide an exceptional customer experience, understand the client’s needs, and have empathy by placing yourself in their shoes.

You also need a solid foundation in technical areas, including proficiency in PHP, Javascript, MySQL, and familiarity with hosting/server applications such as FTP, cPanel, SSH, and Linux terminal commands.

Lastly, knowing the system you support inside out and strong teamwork skills are vital. Collaborating effectively with your team to find solutions you don’t have and assisting one another is key in technical support.

Which teams or team members do you work closely with?

My team is called the Thundercats and we’re a team of 8. Our team leader is Laura Carletti.

What’s a typical day like?

I usually check if there are meetings scheduled and then focus on returning tickets at the beginning of the day. Once I get that figured out, I stay on for chat support and start working on new cases too. 

What led you to choose remote work?

The flexibility and mostly not having to deal with traffic. I live in a metropolis and our traffic is pretty chaotic; driving to work used to take up 2 or 3 hours of my day. Working remotely solves that issue for me.

How do you manage the boundary between life and home?

I’m very focused and I make sure I finish the tasks I start. I also try to take breaks every now and then.

To establish a clear boundary, my workspace is separated from the main part of the house. That makes it easy for me to disconnect when I’m done for the day.

Me and Helena in the park. My wife, Beatriz, took the picture.

What helps you feel connected to others when working remotely?

We have multiple excellent communication channels, including chat, email, and meetings, which effectively emulate a more standard work environment.

Any hopes and plans for the future?

I am currently learning French, with the hope of being able to support French customers in the future. Simultaneously, I am honing my development skills to ensure I am well-prepared for any opportunities to contribute to maintaining and creating new features in our products.

Enjoying the work-life balance remote work offers in Maragogi, known as the Brazilian Caribbean.

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