August 2023 – Enhancements, Compatibility, and Partnerships in Focus

August 23, 2023

At OnTheGoSystems, the summer months are a time for innovation and growth. From the latest WPML and Toolset updates and improvements to exciting new partnerships, we’ve been buzzing with activity.

WPML 4.6.5: Compatibility with WordPress 6.3

In the spirit of progress, we launched WPML 4.6.5, aligning seamlessly with the release of WordPress 6.3. 

Bidding adieu to PHP 5.6 in favor of PHP 7+, WPML 4.6.5 and WordPress 6.3 set the stage for a more robust and streamlined experience. 

WordPress 6.3 comes with enhanced Site Editor capabilities, swift Command Palette access, and refined accessibility features. WPML 4.6.5 brings full compatibility with WordPress 6.3, allowing you to elevate your multilingual WordPress journey with these exciting enhancements.

Toolset 1.6.8: Unlocking Possibilities with WordPress 6.3

Unlock a world of possibilities with Toolset 1.6.8, tailor-made for smooth compatibility with WordPress 6.3. 

This Toolset release not only ensures smooth sailing with WordPress 6.3 but also enhances compatibility with popular block plugins like Kadence and Stackable. With this latest update, you can revamp your content creation and enjoy a host of fixes and improvements that enrich your WordPress experience.

WPML GraphQL: Empowering Headless WordPress

At the start of the summer, we introduced our newest add-on, WPML GraphQL.

Acting as a bridge between WPML and WPGraphQL, WPML GraphQL lets developers use front-end technologies to create captivating, multilingual websites – all while harnessing WordPress’s content power. With enhanced capabilities for querying content in multiple languages, WPML GraphQL paves the way for innovative multilingual solutions.

WPML ElasticPress 2.0: Elevating Search Capabilities

A few weeks ago, we released WPML ElasticPress 2.0.

WPML ElasticPress allows you to add an advanced, accurate and fast search engine to your multilingual WordPress site. By using the add-on together with WPML and ElasticPress, you can easily manage your content-rich site and give users reliable search results in the right language.

ElasticPress is a leap forward in search capabilities. We’re using it to optimize search functions in our own WPML support forum and you can use it to enhance search performance on your own sites. You can now also find ElasticPress as a recommended plugin in our directory.

Partnerships and Recognition

This month, our community has been buzzing with partnerships and recognition:

Last but not least, we also had some nice mentions of Toolset this month! VW Themes and Quomodosoft included Toolset in their Top 5 WordPress Custom Field Plugins and Top 7 WordPress Directory Plugins You Need to Know respectively.

Ending Off

As we march through August, we remain committed to enhancing your WordPress experience.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and features that shape the future of multilingualism and content creation. 

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