Embracing Work-Life Balance: A Remote Worker’s Revitalizing Escape to Máncora

September 20, 2023

At OTGS, we take immense pride in fostering a culture that promotes a healthy work-life balance. Our team member, Ornela Flores, put this into practice during her unforgettable vacation to Máncora, Peru.

We believe that paid vacation time is a big part of work-life balance and vital for rejuvenation and the inspiration of new perspectives. We encourage our team members to use their time off to focus on life outside of work and do what makes them feel best.

Recently, Ornela took some time off to journey through the serene landscapes of Máncora, exploring its beauty and absorbing its unique rhythm. Having returned rejuvenated and inspired, she’s eager to share her journey with us.

Over to Ornela.

Hi, I’m Ornela, the Translation Partners Manager at OTGS. With a serene and refreshed aura, I’m excited to share my peaceful vacation experience of rest and relaxation in Máncora.

Join me on a journey to sun-kissed shores where we’ll discover this idyllic coastal paradise where adventure and relaxation merge seamlessly. From the moment I set foot in Máncora, I was hooked – you will be too!

Choosing Máncora

I was drawn to Máncora because I have a Peruvian friend living in Chile that travels there whenever she can. Her captivating social media posts showcased the breathtaking beauty and incredible weather of the place. So I have been wanting to travel there for a few years now. My best friend’s birthday was coming up and he wanted to spend it with me in a remote place we both haven’t been to. We decided to travel to Máncora in April 2023, and it turned out to be the best birthday celebration for him.

Getting There

Located in the north of Peru, Máncora requires a two-step journey to reach. First, you need to fly to Lima, and then take another flight to either Tumbes, which is the closest option, or Piura, which is a bit farther away. I opted for Piura due to the cost-effectiveness of the flight from Chile.

Once you arrive in Piura, you need to take a 3 hour trip by car, shared van, bus, or private taxi. As you exit the airport, you will encounter individuals offering rides. If you’re traveling alone, a shared van is more cost-effective, while a private taxi provides more comfort for those with companions.

The Enchanting Kimbas Bungalows

Our home away from home was the Kimbas Bungalows Máncora, a hidden gem nestled in a jungle-like setting. The relaxed ambiance, hammocks, and inviting pool provided the perfect atmosphere to unwind and soak in the natural beauty surrounding us. 

Kimbas Bungalows Máncora located just a few minutes’ walk from the beach

Exploring Máncora

Máncora offered an array of activities and tours. One highlight was swimming with the turtles. We also went to see crocodiles and enjoyed amazing seafood. Another unforgettable experience was the yacht party.

Getting kissed by a turtle
Making new friends at the yacht party
Being typical tourists

Unexpected Hiccups and Lessons Learned

Travel is never without its surprises, and our trip to Máncora was no exception. Our initial plan was to rent a car and do a roadtrip to Máncora, but we hit a roadblock due to an expired driver’s license. In the end, we ended up needing to get a private taxi.

The roadtrip to Máncora turned out great! Having a private car and driver at our disposal meant we could make stops whenever we wanted to, whether for snacks or to take photos.

Flexibility and a positive attitude saved the day.

Living our best lives

What You Shouldn’t Miss

One activity you definitely shouldn’t miss out on is swimming with the turtles! Swimming with these huge, majestic creatures is a truly unforgettable experience. It is best to choose a day when it hasn’t rained and the water is crystal clear; as this will ensure perfect photo opportunities!

Bonus: Try to find a turtle tour that includes live on-boat ceviche making. Our boat captain, Chichi, made the most incredible ceviche we’ve ever tasted!

The freshly made ceviche we had on the boat during our turtle tour
Our boat captain, Chichi, the maker of incredible ceviche

What We Missed Out On

Despite making the most of our time in Máncora, there were a few attractions we were unable to include in our itinerary. Doing more water sports and indulging in gourmet restaurants were on our wish list, but due to time constraints, we couldn’t fit them in.

But this just means we will have to go back again!

Surf’s up
Out and about enjoying the water

Tips for Fellow Travelers

If you think Máncora just might end up being your next travel destination, remember these tips:

  1. Negotiate transport fares in Soles to avoid inflated prices.
  2. If you’re not fond of insects, consider the fact that the tropical Máncora is full of them.
  3. Travel affordably via mototaxi (rickshaw or tuk-tuk) within Máncora.
  4. When booking tours in downtown Máncora, compare prices and packages to find the best deal.

And of course, don’t forget to take in the beauty of Máncora and have fun!

Do travel by tuk-tuk
Do explore the nightlife
Do check out the beach bars

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