Tetiana Yarova on Brewing a Unique Blend of Remote Work and Passion

January 5, 2024

Meet Tetiana Yarova, our Recruiter and HR Assistant, who blends her passion for recruitment with the freedom of remote work. With her laptop in one hand and a coffee in the other, Tanya connects with people across continents from her favorite spots. Tanya’s remote work story proves that the best workplace doesn’t have four walls, but endless possibilities and locations. 

Tanya, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your position at OTGS?

I have been working as a Recruiter and HR Assistant at OTGS for half a year already (time flies so fast!) and I am so passionate about my work and everything I do at the company. :) 

One day, Andrey, our WPML Supporter who recommended me for this position, saw me working at a nearby coffee shop and told me: “Tanya, your eyes are shining, I am happy that you are in the right place”.

I am grateful for his recommendation because I am so inspired and motivated to bring value by matching great professionals with our company and then observing how fruitful and productive our collaboration is. Working on internal HR tasks also brings me lots of pleasure because being surrounded by so many talented and nice people is amazing. 

Enjoying my morning coffee and getting ready for an onboarding call

How do you benefit from working at OTGS and what do you like the most about working remotely? 

I really like that at OTGS, team members are evaluated for the quality of their work rather than the number of hours spent in the office. It gives a wonderful opportunity to concentrate all your effort on work while being in any place convenient to you. 

When I was talking with our CEO Amir during my interview, I asked him about how to keep people working together effectively in a remote setting without micromanaging them. He answered that as long as people want to, they will find the best option to work productively in a remote environment. If someone doesn’t feel like working, they end up doing other things, like chatting to the maintenance services staff, even in an office setting.

His words make total sense. I take my laptop with me everywhere and use any available minute to check my mailbox or reply to candidates on LinkedIn, even when I have a lunch break or am waiting for my coffee to be prepared – so I don’t waste time. 

So, if you have a desire you are productive at any time and from any place.

A photo from the summer in a cafe that is located a 10-minute drive from my city. All the candidates I interviewed that day thought that it was a Google background :) I had a tasty lunch after the calls.

What are your plans in regards to places to stay or work from in the future?

Unfortunately, we have the war in Ukraine and you never know where you will be in the future. Of course, I enjoy living in my native country because almost all my family is here and we all hope for a good and peaceful future. At this moment, I appreciate every day and use every chance to be productive and bring value. Even when sitting in the corridor during the air alarm, to be in a somewhat safer place, I always take my laptop with me so as not to get distracted from work.

Of course, we all want the war to finish. Once it does, I plan to travel with my laptop and meet OTGSians in person, in one of the beautiful countries they come from. Our team members come from more than 45 different countries, so I have plenty of choices :).   

This photo was taken this winter – around the Christmas season at one of the coffee shops near my house. The candle was electric by the way, but still created a nice and calm atmosphere.

How do you stay motivated and productive while working remotely? 

Trust – this is one of the most important values at OTGS that keeps me very motivated. Being surrounded by people I can rely on and who I can discuss all my doubts with also inspires me and keeps me motivated. 

My tip for being productive is to be passionate about your work and want every day you spend at work to bring value, create a positive working environment for team members, and make peoples’ lives better. 

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