Amit Kvint on Mastering Time Zones and Working Remotely Across Continents

February 29, 2024

For our Chief Customer Officer, Amit Kvint, working remotely is much more than just working from home. It’s about having adventures around the world and spending more time with family. His move from the sunny coast of Spain to bustling life in the US shows how working remotely can change not just where you work, but how you live your life.

Amit, can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I was born and raised in Israel. In my 20s, I moved to the south of Spain with my partner, where we built our home and our three kids were born.

I got a Spectrum Sinclair when I was eight, which allowed me to start looking into loops and IF conditions at a young age. I liked learning Basic and Fortran but enjoyed playing soccer and basketball with my friends more :) 

What were you doing before joining OTGS?

My first real job was as a technical supporter and support team lead for a big Israeli Internet service provider (ISP), where I learned about network security and communication.

When I landed in Spain, I was looking for a way to make a living. Developing multilingual websites for small to medium-sized businesses made a lot of sense, so that’s what I did.

How do you benefit from working at OTGS? What do you like the most about working remotely? 

I love working remotely because it allows me to enjoy the two things I value most: spending time with my family and traveling.

OTGS is an excellent company; the work is interesting, you work in a team, and your goals and expectations are clear. Being part of a team without the commute and office politics offers many benefits.

What are your plans in regards to places to stay or work from in the future?

I have no concrete plans. Last August, we packed up our home with the intention of spending the current school year in the US (Madison, WI), which has worked out nicely. 

Our next long-stay move will likely be somewhere in Asia, I think. :)

Amit spending time with family

How do you manage the challenge of working in a different time zone? 

I adjust my working hours to start and finish at unconventional times a few times a week. :-) I also share responsibilities – mainly with my deputy, Alejandro, and especially for client-related and time-sensitive tasks.

How did you approach changing your working hours, and who played a role in this process?

The first step was acknowledging my responsibility to be as flexible as possible, so I changed my working hours. Three times a week, I start at 6 am, and a few times a month, I log in late at night.

The other essential step was having a couple of talks with management to make sure that my tasks were compatible with the new timezone. After preparing a plan, I made sure to share it with the WPML Support group leaders. I am very grateful and happy to see that the plan works well.

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