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Remote Team, Local Meetup: OnTheGoSystems’ Cape Town Get-Together

In a world where remote work is our everyday, there’s something extraordinary about meeting face-to-face. This year, our Cape Town crew decided to shrink the virtual gap and step out from behind our screens to share laughter, stories, and the city's charm, together. The Journey from Solo to Seven About a year ago, I, Dean Jones, was the lone South African at the company. Although I always felt at home alongside my cosmopolitan group of colleagues, I always wondered when...

November 29, 2023

Remote Work and Travel From the Eyes of a South African

As the world began to get a taste of "normal" living over the last few months, the travel bug started to hit a large part of the globe. With summer approaching in Europe, the energy was palpable, even for me all the way down in Cape Town, South Africa where our winter season was around the corner. So, what better time to plan an excursion to the opposite hemisphere? As great as this may sound for the average traveller, for...

June 28, 2022