Czech, English

Jan Štětina



October 1, 2014


Jan currently works in the ATE development team. Besides that, he also maintains the Toolset Types plugin, all functionality related to post relationships, and also helps with various DevOps tasks.


Jan lives in Prague, in the Czech Republic. He speaks English, Czech, PHP, JSX, Python, Bash, Ruby, and a little German. When people ask what he does, his usual reply is that he’s “happily employed at OnTheGoSystems”. This is where he landed shortly after finishing a bachelor’s degree in computer sciences at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, and after working with WordPress for years. He’s adopted the motto “code is poetry” for all his work and he’s deeply involved with the local WordPress community. He is the lead organizer of WordCamp Prague 2021 and 2022.


Software architecture, WordPress, learning and improving things, programming and IT in general. And also: Nature, ecology and sustainability, mental and physical health, ergonomics, productivity, travelling, railways, hiking, tea, politics, survivalism, absinthe, collecting vinyl records, rebuilding an old house/castle, and many more.