OTGS Company Event 2017 – And the Winners of the Best Shot and Video are…

October 11, 2017

Before traveling to Split, where our Company event took place this year, we announced a video and photo contest. And we have two winners already! We’d like to share with all of you.

Little background first….

What the Contest was about

Our contest was focused on our company subject for this year: “Work smart, not hard”. And the challenge was to present a photo or show a video taken during our Company Event in Split that best reflected the topic.

Who could take part

All Company folks could take part, no need to be a PRO photographer or video editor. No need to have special cameras, cell phones shots also counted.

We just called for #creativity, which is one of our Company Values.

How the winners were chosen

All Company Members were invited to vote.

Time to announce the winners….

Agnes Bury
Agnes Bury

For the video category, the winner is Agnes Bury (From Marketing Team) with this awesome video she put together after our event in Split:

Find out why OTGS folks voted for this video:

Francesco Di Candia

I voted for video #1 because it’s a perfect illustration of being a team – cohesive, tensed to reach a common target and gracefully disposed to help their colleagues.

Kasia Janoska
Kasia Janoska

I voted for video 1 because it was really in line with the contest topic and what’s more important it was really funny. There were not only nice moments from Split but also a very nice reminder to work smart and not hard.

Dario Jazbec Hrvatin

Well, the video number 2 was very very nice and visually, and production-wise more accomplished. However, I chose video number 1 because it had more heart to it, it really made me laugh out loud, and it just feels more connected to what went down in Split and the camaraderie of it all.

Luis Sacristán

It was a great video and the one that best fitted the summary of the contest: Work smart, not hard. Also, it reminded me of the good moments we had in Split. :)

Valentina Volpi

I liked instantly the choice of music. The squirrel and the snail as good examples of “working smart, not hard” are also a nice touch. What really made me vote the video are the comments though, they are all funny and go along great with the footage.

For the photo category, the winner is Nigel Anderson (From Toolset Team) with this great shot:

Nigel Anderson

Nigel explained why this picture reflected the subject: “For the theme “Work Smart Not Hard” I present you with Marine Larnier winning the tug-of-war contest without touching the rope.”

Why OTGS folks voted for this photo:

Lauren Jeffcoat

I just thought this picture was great – you can see how hard the team is pulling on the rope, and Marine’s expression and enthusiasm just made me laugh.   The caption “without touching the rope” was perfect, too.

Konstantinos Galanakis
Konstantinos Galanakis

Marine was the epitome of “work smart not hard” that day. She helped her team win the competition without even sweating. I don’t know if it was her idea, but her role was equally valuable without needing to pull the rope.

Selena Salustri

In the picture, the coordination and the strongness of the team are so clear to me: Work smart not hard! The whole team won the match because it is clear that the roles were respected and the position of each team member was fully trusted.

Paweł Wawrzyniak

Thanks to Marine as a coxie (coxswain), the team has won much easier. It is a good example of a smart team-work, where everyone has his role.

Ivan Maričić

I’ve voted for photo 2 because it represents teamwork, it reminds me somehow of the period just before a reléase, the entire team has to put additional effort to make things right and make a good release.

Congrats to both winners!

Congrats to both of you, Agnes and Nigel! We hope you enjoy the prize. :)

And thanks to everyone participating; all the shots and videos will remain as super mementos of our great time in Split.

author: Dimitris