Employee of the Month – Danijel Erjavec

April 25, 2019

Looking for a remote job that is legitimate and flexible?

Many of us are looking for the perfect job which is steady, has a guaranteed salary and flexible working conditions. The good news is those roles do exist.

Daniel Erjavec found one at OnTheGoSystems and he is our employee of the month.

My family and our pet dog

Daniel comes from Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. He is married to Martina and they have an 8 year-old son and a King Charles Spaniel called Han Solo – named after whom we wonder!

Here’s his story of how he found his dream remote working job.

Danijel, were you actively looking for remote, online work?

Yes because I wanted to have more time to spend with my family. Commuting alone, I lost almost 90 minutes every day. I thought I could create a more flexible work schedule by working remotely from home

For two years I tried freelancing from home, but I ended up working lots crazy hours and any “free” time was swallowed up by working overtime to reach deadlines.

Actually, it was while I was working as a WordPress developer for a small company in Zagreb that I came across an ad posted by Dario Jazbec Hrvatin on Facebook for hiring a new front-end developer. I had been working 12-14 hours a day until then and I felt it was about time to find something that would allow me to have more free time to do things with my family. Dario is also from Croatia, so I decided to contact him to check his thoughts about working for OTGS He told me a lot about OTGS and after talking to him I felt convinced enough to turn in an application.

The company offered steady work, a guaranteed income, benefits and reasonably flexible work conditions. After I passed the interview, I was invited to join OTGS in October 2018.

What does your work as a front-end developer for the marketing team involve?

Kruno, Dario and Danijel

Although I work in the Marketing team, when needed I am available to help other teams as well. My colleagues help me in any way they can – they are so good at their jobs, it’s a privilege working with them and learning from them.

I am able to separate my job into projects like this:

  • Creating new WordPress themes

  • Creating new features on current themes and plugins.  This could be a lot of things, from adding/redesigning small pages to creating completely new custom post types with custom fields and membership roles.

Of course, there are challenges and these depend on the workload. Sometimes it’s easy to handle everything on time and sometimes it gets hard juggling several tickets for multiple projects.

So which qualifications are needed?

  • Excellent knowledge of HTML, CSS (SASS or LESS required) and JavaScript
  • Excellent knowledge of Bootstrap and responsive design
  • Good knowledge of PHP and WordPress
  • At least basic knowledge of Git and Photoshop

Are the work conditions at OTGS flexible enough to let you enjoy more time with your family?

My family

The main advantage of working remotely from home means I am spending more quality time with my family which is the most important thing in the world to me.

I wake up at 6 AM and take my dog for a walk. After that, I prepare breakfast for my son and the first cup of coffee in the day for me. At 7:30 I take my son to school, come home and my work starts at 8 AM.

Till my daily morning meeting, I check my emails, tickets and get feedback from my colleagues if needed. After the meeting, I start working on the tasks that I have organized for the day.

On my lunch break I take my dog for a walk and eat something delicious my wife made the day before.

My work day ends at 5PM and after that it’s family time. I studied martial arts for ten years but now I have the time, I  enjoy spending most of my weekends outdoors biking and playing sports with my son and wife and not to forget – taking long walks with Han Solo!

Any plans for the future?

In the future I would like to travel more. Working remotely at a legitimate job with a reputable company like OTGS just may give me opportunities to work from any place in the world we may consider visiting.

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