Dario Jazbec Hrvatin – working for OnTheGoSystems is something more than a career

February 11, 2020

My name is Dario Jazbec Hrvatin and I’m in charge of the documentation for all OnTheGoSystems projects. Here’s a little story about me and about what it is like working remotely.

A bit about my background

Ice skating with my daughter Gloria

I live in Slovenia, with my wife, our daughter, and the cutest little chihuahua called Mrfi (as in Murphy).

When I was young, I always wanted to be a musician. I guess music was, and still is, in my DNA. I still fondly recall roaming in the fields around our home as a youngster listening to Paul McCartney’s “All the best!” compilation. If I could have another job just for a day, I would be a musician (you didn’t see that coming, right?). Mind you, I do have a band called Helika and we released an album a few years ago. I have many more songs but I’m waiting to catch some time to record them. I’m really the happiest when I’m playing my songs to my family. :)

This is not to say that I did not have other dreams. In fact, I had always wanted to try jumping from an airplane with a parachute but looking back, I’m glad I lost that urge. I prefer not to risk my life like that now!

Playing a concert with my band Helika

The hardest thing I’ve had to do so far, and I’m a really very lucky person that this was the hardest thing, was completing my university studies in Economics. There is a lot about economics that I find interesting but the way the curriculum was planned, I really just didn’t like it. But for some reason, I persisted and finished it after 15 painful years. The lesson: Do what really interests you in life and know when to quit when it’s not working out. Don’t be like me :)

One of the most unusual jobs I ever had was working for a couple of days as an extra on a movie set in a dancing club. That was fun, but my main source of income was working for a marketing company. The job was going nowhere though. I was using WPML and the Types plugin in all my projects while working with that company. I had every confidence in those plugins and I soon realized that I had valuable skills to offer OnTheGoSystems, the makers of WPML and Toolset . The thought persisted. This was something I needed to do. The time was right and so, with a gentle push of confidence from my wife, here I am!

What it’s really like to work at OnTheGoSystems

OnTheGoSystems team at WordCamp Europe Belgrade

I have learned a LOT. I started as a tester and now I am running documentation. I work closely with almost everyone in the company. It’s a rare and great position actually. My language skills have improved and this has increased my confidence in my English language capabilities. I discovered and developed a knack for video production and I’ve also become familiar with a number of development and non-development tools.

Connecting with the WordPress community

In exactly one month, I will speak at WC Prague and we will have a Toolset table where my colleagues and I will help introduce Toolset Blocks to the attendees. This is the 3rd biggest WordCamp in Europe. Here is the just-published little interview with me: https://2020.prague.wordcamp.org/2020/01/29/dario-jazbec-hrvatin/

Moments remembered at OnTheGoSystems

There have been many exciting times in my career at OnTheGoSystems. My favorite project was the recent release of Toolset Blocks because it’s such an amazing product.  It’s a very demanding project and one that is still ongoing.

This is the second time I have been chosen as Employee Of The Month and both times really do mean a lot to me and make me feel proud.

There have been embarrassing moments, too. I remember one with our dear Administration Assistant when I congratulated her on her birthday on our Google+ community without knowing she doesn’t celebrate birthdays. That was embarrassing! :) But all was well, and taken in a good spirit!

All in all…

Yes, working for OnTheGoSystems is more than a career. It has given me a fulfilling life and allowed me to meet fantastic people all over the world.

A word of advice for prospective candidates: Be yourself and be honest. You are capable of much more than you know.

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