Jamal Boulhous’s Success Story – “Teamwork is the special sauce”

October 15, 2020

This month, we are highlighting Jamal, who joined OnTheGoSystems in November 2018. He is now a Toolset Supporter, helping clients from around the world on a daily basis from his home in Morocco. Check out our interview with him below.

What were you doing before joining OTGS?

While trekking in the great Atlas

I started with the company in November 2018 after working for a couple of years as a freelancer. During my freelance work, WordPress and WooCommerce were my first choice for my clients’ projects, primarily, thanks to the broad ecosystem of themes, plugins, and services around them. 

I had a previous job in support as an SAP Administrator with Hewlett Packard and I believe that it helped me get my first position at OTGS, WPML Supporter. The company needed a French supporter too, and here in Morocco, French is the first foreign language we learn, so, that helped too.

What’s your current role at OTGS?

Last March, I started working as a Toolset supporter. I like it very much, because I got the chance to help our customers in many ways. Some of our customers are newbies and they may need some guidance on how to use our Toolset products. Some others are advanced users and I discovered with them how powerful is Toolset and how we can build complex use cases without writing code, or with very little code.

The company has also introduced the new blocks editing experience, which presents a challenge that I am really proud to take and to be part of.

Nice to have a bird around

What makes you successful in your current role?

Coming from a computer science background has helped me a lot learn and grow in my first position with WPML. It has also helped me in the Toolset team. But, I must confess that teamwork is the secret sauce. Since my first day, I was blessed to work with nice people who are very helpful and who always seek to provide quality work for our customers and internally for other teams and members.

I also believe that our products and how they are evolving in the WordPress scene have also challenged me to give the best of me.

I love learning, and that’s exactly the opportunity that OTGS provided me since the beginning. 

You didn’t start off on the Toolset team. How did you end up moving from WPML to Toolset support?

First, I need to thank Amit, our CCO, for suggesting me to think about an experience within the Toolset team. I then discussed it with some colleagues in the WPML team that worked previously in Toolset support. I discussed it with some existing supporters at Toolset and I made my decision in no time.

My technical background has, probably, also been a reason why Amit asked me to think about it. But, ultimately, Toolset is an amazing product that has created in me the desire to learn it, and to be part of its journey, which I believe will be long, challenging and, for sure, amazing.

I used to learn Japanese

What motivates you at work?

I am really happy in my current role. I am also very excited to work on Toolset support, with the Toolset customers, and first of all with the talented people inside the company.

My day-to-day job allows me to discover the full potential of Toolset and to push my knowledge barrier more and more. Sometimes, I face challenging situations and learn something new.

Being part of the Toolset team, and of the OTGS family is also something that motivates me a lot. I am proud to contribute to what is an amazing product and to what it will be.

But what motivates me the most, is the company’s mission to provide a good, reliable and honest living for all of us, through building great products and making our clients happy.

I am also really happy to take this amazing journey and work remotely while living in my small town, Ait Ourir.

What advice would you give someone who wants to grow within the company?

We are a software company, but our real value, I think, is the services we provide (support, translation, integration to 3rd party products and services). Everyone who’s willing to grow within the company should have a good sense of service and always want to give the best of oneself for the benefit of our customers and the company.

Help others, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Give the best of yourself and embrace the opportunity of working with so many talented people.

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