Happy and Healthy People Behind WPML and Toolset Plugins (PART VI)

May 5, 2023

Every year, our remote team members pursue new interests and find diverse ways to stay engaged, healthy, and creative.

The BAMM program at OnTheGoSystems is our unique approach to health and wellness, allowing team members to choose what passion or interest they want to pursue each year.

The beauty of the BAMM program is that it doesn’t follow a one-size-fits-all approach. From mental stimulation to physical activities, BAMM encourages OTGSians to break the mold and explore new horizons.

We’ve just wrapped up the first quarter of 2023, and our team members have already raised the bar with their creative choices!

Finding Zen in Pottery Classes

Our UX Designer Michelle Tucci used BAMM for a semester of pottery classes, reigniting her love for this hands-on art form after a break due to the pandemic.

Michelle, how did the pottery classes help you unwind and what impact have they had on your life?

I feel that it is very rare (at least for me) to create something with my hands and get my hands dirty, so I was excited to be able to do both.

I also enjoy the fact that it is a bit of “offline” time. It’s impossible to check my notifications or socials when I’m in the studio and my hands are covered in clay! My time at the studio almost feels like a couple hours a week of meditation, which is very calming and acts as a weekly reset. 

I’m grateful to the BAMM program for making it easier for me to add pottery back to my routine. It’s also fun to gain and improve new skills. My goal is to one day be able to throw a bowl big enough for homemade ramen!

I definitely think that this program allows me, and sometimes forces me, to take time for just myself. It also helps me to prioritize a hobby I love, away from my computer and outside of my apartment. At times, especially in the winter, it’s very easy for me to stay in the comfort of my office or home for very long periods of time and this is a great way to block off much needed time.

A collection of pottery made by Michelle

A Lifetime of Language Learning

George Botsev, a support team member, chose to use the OTGS BAMM program to get a lifetime account for Babbel, an online language learning platform.

His goal? To learn French – and a whole lot of other languages.

Why did you decide on Babbel, and how will language learning benefit you personally and professionally?

I chose to use BAMM on a lifetime Babbel subscription because I like to learn at my own pace and not feel rushed by recurring monthly or yearly subscriptions. 

In addition to French, I am interested in learning other languages like German, Spanish, and Italian. I believe that once I accumulate enough knowledge in a certain language, it will benefit not only my current job duties but I’d be able to use it to interact with people from different cultures at WordCamps and in my personal life.

I was inspired by one of my university professors to take up learning a new language. He has a doctorate and said something that resonated with me: “Learn languages. Don’t waste your time learning technical stuff, because technical stuff changes on a daily basis. A language, once learned fluently, can last a lifetime.

I think it is better and more enjoyable to spend my time learning something than watching cat videos on the internet 🙂 (FYI I have nothing against cats!)

With Babbel, George can learn on the go

Stepping Up the Running Game

Every year, WPML Supporter Drazen Duvnjak uses BAMM to enhance his fitness experiences. Last year, he purchased calisthenics equipment. This year, Drazen is using the BAMM program to get some professional running gear.

How has BAMM helped you improve your physical well-being?

I have always loved running. Ask anyone who runs –  it has the same effect as relaxation or meditation.

But, I’ve been struggling to run regularly due to a knee problem. I started 1-2 years ago with 500 meter runs and finally managed to run 10 km this year. My goal is to run a half marathon by the end of the year. I hope this gear will help me run longer distances with less impact on my knees and reduced swelling. 

The BAMM program is excellent because it encourages you to try new things and engage in activities you might not have considered otherwise. Thanks to OTGS, a good work-life balance, and the BAMM program, I now manage to be more active and healthier.

Drazen uses BAMM to stay active and healthy

Swinging into a Balanced Life with Golf

Our supporter Bobby Karapinakis owes finding the perfect activity that combines nature, friends, and personal improvement to BAMM.

What motivated you to use BAMM to take up golf, and how has it influenced your work-life balance?

I was looking for a sport that allowed me to be in nature and spend time with friends, and golf fit the bill. I was motivated to improve my physical health and challenge myself mentally, while also enjoying the social aspect of the game.

I am happy that I took up golf because it has provided me with a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction. I love spending time on the course, practicing my swing, and seeing improvements in my game. Overall, it has been a great way to stay active and engaged, both physically and socially. 

The BAMM program has given me the opportunity to participate in an activity outside of work, which has helped me achieve a better work-life balance. It allowed me to take on a new sport that I enjoy, and I get to do it often.

Bobby perfecting his swing

BAMM in the Past

Since the start, the BAMM program has empowered our team members to explore and pursue their passions. See how OTGSians have made use of the program by reading previous instalments of this series: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V.

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