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OTGS October News

This October saw us continuing the work on big upcoming features for our plugins. We're also nourishing existing partnerships and building new ones. Toolset News In October, the Toolset team focused on improving stability and performance. We're finishing a short sprint to address a large number of both small glitches and long-standing issues. This prepares the ground for the development of upcoming releases.  Together with those, we are also completing a couple of new features that will push Dynamic Sources...

November 3, 2020

OTGS September News

September brought releases for both our flagship products. We released Toolset 1.3 and WPML 4.4.0 and are already fast at work on big features for the coming months. We also continued building strong partnerships, always one of our priorities. Toolset News September was a fantastic month for Toolset. After weeks of development and a final deep testing stage, we released Blocks 1.3 together with updates for Types, Forms, WooCommerce Blocks, Access and Framework Installer. The highlights for that release are:...

September 29, 2020

OTGS August News

We spent this month testing and polishing the big upcoming releases for both WPML and Toolset. The final pieces are falling into place and everything is getting ready to announce it to clients. Besides this, we're always busy with new things related to compatibility, partnerships, and support. Toolset News This month, the Toolset team has focused on completing a major milestone focused on compatibility. We are close to releasing a new experience to build complex and multilingual sites using post...

August 31, 2020

OTGS July News

As the summer is heating up in the Northern Hemisphere, so is the development of our plugins. We are on the verge of releasing two big updates for both Toolset and WPML. Toolset News During July, the Toolset team is completing some of the features we have been working on for the last two months, focused around multilingual sites that want to display rich information to a broad audience. Site owners and maintainers will also enjoy our improved editor support...

July 29, 2020

OTGS June News

We are already halfway through the year and it has been a busy six months for the team at OnTheGoSystems. Toolset News In May, we released a number of major (and also some minor) updates for Toolset. Blocks 1.2 is finally out, with new blocks for galleries, sliders and Youtube, and new layouts for Views including Masonry and collage modes. We also concentrated on improving the better overall performance. We released some maintenance updates for these two plugins, and also...

June 30, 2020

OTGS April News

It’s already April and the majority of the world is still in quarantine. Here at OnTheGoSystems, we continue working remotely from 40 different countries. We want to ensure that we provide you with all you need to either create nice and appealing websites

April 30, 2020

Keeping active during COVID-19 times

As a fully-remote company, working from home is not new to us at OnTheGoSystems. What is indeed new for everyone is our after-work life activity. Due to COVID-19 and quarantines, social activity has been reduced worldwide and distancing has been imposed. This can have an impact, people tend to get worried and stressed, and we want to avoid this. Being healthy, physically and mentally, is a must to keep our immune systems strong. Here at OnTheGoSystems, we are keeping ourselves...

April 14, 2020

OTGS March News

March has been a difficult month with the COVID-19 pandemic and at OTGS we have kept busy ensuring our customers have our best support. We continue adding requested features and fixes as well as making performance improvements. Here are some of the projects we have carried out this month. Toolset News During March, we focused on compatibility and integration. We just released a minor update for Views and Blocks, that addresses some glitches with the soon-to-be-released WordPress 5.4. In addition,...

March 30, 2020

The Complete Recipe for Making a Living While Being Stuck at Home

If you’re stuck at home, or worried about commuting and being exposed to the coronavirus, have you considered applying for a job you can do from home? The kind of jobs you can do from homeThe most popular “work from home” jobsHow to acquire the skills to work from home?How and how much will I get paid?Where to look for remote positionsWhat it feels like to work from home The kind of jobs you can do from home  Nowadays, you...

March 16, 2020

OTGS February News

March has already started, and we have more news to share about what happened last month at OnTheGoSystems including a WPML and Toolset update, new partnerships and much more. What's new in WPML We have released a new version of WPML which allows clients to transfer their subscriptions to their clients. This was the main focus of WPML 4.3.7. We have released this version to a subset of clients (10% of them) which allowed us to quickly address some glitches...

March 4, 2020