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Mohammed Eisa – a versatile supporter working for WPML and Toolset clients

Mohammed Eisa I am standing on the Corniche (Al-Kurnīsh), the promenade running along the Eastern harbor. Tangy, iodine laden breezes blow inland from the southern Mediterranean. Long waves gently roll in, splashing against the eastern promenade, while above and all around the seagulls cry plaintively. But where am I? I’m living in Alexandria, Egypt, the city that I love so much because of its nature. Just being here makes me feel so happy. However, I was...

April 7, 2016

Bruce Pearson – a senior developer

Rugged in appearance but softly spoken with a distinct Australian drawl – who in the OTGS family immediately comes to mind? Could it be Bruce Pearson from “down under” Geraldton in Western Australia?

March 9, 2016

Ahmed Ibrahim – a talented supporter who helps WPML clients

Ahmed is working with the WPML support team and he also supports our Translation Services clients. He enjoys living at the Egypt’s coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Today he tells us more about his life and work.

February 5, 2016

Konstantinos Kouratoras – an in-development tester from Greece who proves that big dreams are great to follow

Konstantinos is an in-development tester in Toolset Team living on a small Greek island. In today's interview with Helena he tells us more about himself and his work for OTGS.

December 18, 2015

Konrad Karpieszuk – a developer who tests WordPress plugins for WPML compatibility

Konrad is a quiet spoken man from Poland. You would be surprised how rich in experiences his life is. He was working as a WordPress freelancer, was a WordCamp speaker twice, he even went to Rwanda, Africa to give computer lessons to the local students and to finally end up as a WordPress developer in OnTheGoSystems. Today he tells us more about his private life and his work in the WPML compatibility project. Where exactly do you live Konrad?

Shane Campbell – a Toolset support expert who traveled for 3 days to meet his colleagues

On an everyday basis he works on the Toolset Support Team, doing his work remotely from home in Jamaica. At the end of September he packed his bag and boarded the plane to fly to Portugal, for the company annual meetup. I met Shane when he first arrived at our hotel  in Porto in the late afternoon of October 1st. He looked a little apprehensive, but this was quite understandable after such a long 3 day journey all the way from Jamaica. Our...

October 19, 2015

Selena Salustri is a vivacious Italian girl with a charming accent.  Selena tells us something about her life….

Selena Salustri is a vivacious Italian girl with a charming accent. She joined OTGS in December 2014 as an in-dev tester. Today she tells us something about her new life at OTGS.

September 11, 2015

Saigon WordPress is growing with our support

On August 29, 2015, Dat Hoang organized the 11th WordPress meetup, a group for people loving, developing and using WordPress in Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon), Vietnam.  Like previous meetups, people were eager to come to share and discuss about using and developing WordPress.  Dat has been with OTGS for two years already and shares with us here his experiences: The timing was a perfect mix for both WordPress users and developers   Joe Guilmette shared his experience on...

September 10, 2015

Living with 10MBit internet connection and no running water – the priorities of a Views plugin developer

Passionate about hiking and code refactoring at the same time. If you are following our news you might have noticed that developers working here have unique combinations of interests. However there is something extraordinary about Jan Štětina, the Views plugin developer from Czech Republic. He is completing his master’s thesis, lives in three different places during the year and proves that as long as there is a good internet connection, having no running water is a mere marginal issue! Find...

August 7, 2015

Scuba diving with WPML – meet Vuk from Serbia, a developer who literally takes WPML everywhere!

Back in May 2014, shortly after joining the company, Vuk posted this photo . At the time we simply thought that he was just good at photoshopping! He explained that the photo is real and he did indeed take the wpml.org logo under the water when scuba diving in Kalamitsi, Greece. Now, after more than a year of having Vuk Vukovic with us in the company, we all have come to know that he has many talents! Stay with us...

August 3, 2015